Five Things You Can Do To Stay Emotionally Healthy In Times Of Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has been continuously affecting people across the world. People have been losing loved ones, putting a significant toll on their emotional health. However, even those who are physically healthy and at home can still be unhealthy, emotionally.

Taking care of your emotional health is a priority, especially when a lot of what’s happening in the world is unpredictable. Here are five simple things that you can do to be emotionally healthy amid a crisis.

1. Take Care Of Your Body


To be emotionally healthy, you have to be physically fit. It may be tempting to binge-eat and to drown oneself in alcoholic beverages since you’re stuck at home due to the quarantine. However, not only does it not help you physically, but it also does not help you emotionally.

Although you are only at home, try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals and try to exercise regularly. You also need to get plenty of sleep. As much as you can, avoid overconsuming alcohol and tobacco. Especially since these two are known stimulants that can trigger more stress for you.

2. Avoid Watching Too Much News


Survey says that too much news watching has an enormous downside for your emotional and mental health. Now that the news is full of reports about the coronavirus and how it affects the world, it is more stressful than ever. Although it is essential to be in the know, doing it in minimal is better for your emotional well-being.

According to Graham C.L. Davey, Ph.D., “those people who had watched the negative news bulletin spent more time thinking and talking about their worry and were more likely to catastrophize their worry.” So if you are already full of negative thoughts due to being stuck at home, minimize watching the television and do other activities to past time. 

3. Reach Out To Your Loved Ones

Anxiety can make it harder to communicate with other people. It is because you use lots of mental energy in holding a conversation, which is something difficult to do when your mind is overwhelmed with anxiety. So, it is why you need someone you can trust to talk about the things you’re feeling now.

And as hard as it is to do it, connecting with people you trust can help you keep your emotional well-being healthy. The first thing that you have to do when you try to communicate with other people is to tell them that you’re anxious. Also, do not hesitate to ask them to repeat themselves when you’re struggling to focus. By talking to people, you can unload the negative thoughts and think about something else besides them.

4. Take A Personal Timeout


If feelings of dread and anxiety are already creeping, take a break. Research has shown that breathing exercises can help in calming you down when you have a panic attack or when you feel a lot of negative emotions. You can learn techniques from your counselor, or if you don’t have contact with one, you may look for breathing exercises online.

You can also do relaxing activities like exercising, yoga, or something that you enjoy doing. It will also be helpful to avoid your stressors, especially if you already know them.

5. Have An Anxiety Toolbox


An anxiety toolbox is a collection of handy strategies that you can use to deal with anxiety. Different people will have various tools in their boxes, depending on what helps them cope with feelings of anxiousness and dread. This toolbox should be something that you can easily access once you feel the negative emotions rising.

Some of the things that you can include in your anxiety toolbox are journaling, positive self-talk, and gratitude writing, among others. You may ask the help of a professional to aid you in making your box, or you can do a trial and error until you find the best activities for you.

Taking care of your well-being should be your priority now that the world is experiencing a pandemic. Yes, it is easier just to let the emotional darkness get to you, but it shouldn’t be the case. It might be harder to take care of yourself right now, but baby steps can get you through this world health crisis.