Using Your Anxiety To Calm Yourself Down



 I don’t know about you, but I have often been anxious concerning a lot of things. And when I do, I can’t help but panic, worry too much, and sulk in sadness, sometimes over the smallest things. But after a few sessions with my therapist, I have learned that my anxieties can be controlled – not by my therapist but by me.

According to my therapist, anxiety is quite a powerful mental state that can influence your mind and lead you to more negativity. However, your mind is also a powerful thing – and the only thing that can go against anxiety to calm yourself down. How do you do it? Here are some strategies.


  • Be Present At The Moment. The power of anxiety over your mind is the cause of all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘might have been’ in your life. It causes you to feel uncertain about your future and to doubt your once strong beliefs about yourself. When you feel like you are being swayed inside and out, try to stay present at the moment and stick to where you are by using your senses. Listen and feel what is happening around you right at that moment. Each time you can do this successfully, you are improving your ability to pull yourself together and win over your anxious thoughts. 
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  • Observe And Be Aware Of Yourself. If you let it, anxiety will engulf you and push you to act on the rest of your negative emotions, and it will drain you. Instead of allowing it to draw you, stand back, and observe your unpleasant feelings and behaviors. Learn to distinguish between the bad and the good. If they are bad, then you must learn to be an observer and just watch as these bad emotions come and then leave you, without you engaging in them. These, too, shall pass.
  • Practice Patience. You will need this also in recognizing which emotions you should and should not act upon. Be patient when anxiety grows inside you, remembering that whatever unpleasant thoughts you have right now, they will pass. You need only to wait for them to do so. These anxieties are way beyond your power to control yourself and your life. You can let them stay as you watch them come and slip away from you. Don’t fight them but don’t allow them to linger. You don’t need them today.
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  • Have Faith. For the many times that you have allowed anxiety to rule over you, you most probably know by now how exhausting it can be to live with it in your life. It sucks the happiness out of you and replaces it with worry and distress. But come to think of it. You should have had enough of it, so now you are stronger and more resilient. Trust that you will no longer be conquered by it. It may take a while, but you will overcome it. If you fail, do not be scared. Go back to pulling yourself together and being in the present. Now, let the emotions pass you by, and get rid of it the sweetest way possible – by neglecting it.


Finally, remember these strategies like their school projects that have become lifetime goals that you must achieve and keep close. You can’t possibly accomplish all your goals at one time, right? Same with calming your anxiety down, you can’t do it right away. You’ll have to experiment, make mistakes, and perhaps fail. But the entire journey will have made you the strong, resilient, and brave person that you have become. You can conquer the biggest anxiety that stands in your way.