Understanding Emotional Health: Am I Emotionally Healthy?

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That is a question that I have been asking myself for years now. I’ve heard about the significance of mental and emotional health, and I wanted to assure myself that I was generally sound in mind and body. But then when I began to wonder if I was emotionally healthy, I realized that I have yet to know more about it. So what does it take to achieve emotional wellness?

One is said to be emotionally healthy when she is active and determined to keep herself surrounded by positivity. Although stress, worry, and anxiety are inevitable in life, she faces these emotions head-on instead of ignoring them. She is aware of her feelings, accepts them as they come, and strives to maintain a positive view of everything that happens.

Qualities Of An Emotionally Healthy Individual

When one is emotionally well, she has several qualities that enable her to move on in spite of experiencing the roughest roads and biggest bumps in life. But because she is emotionally healthy, she will most likely feel sad and distressed when her boyfriend leaves her for another girl, or she might get very anxious when she’s assigned a difficult assignment at work. Emotionally stable individuals allow themselves to feel because they are aware that humans like them have different emotions going on within them.

However, unlike those who are not emotionally healthy, they do not allow their negative emotions to get the best of them. They deal with their emotions and acknowledge them instead of denying that they exist. If they made a mistake, they accept the mistake, learn from the mistake, and then move forward.

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Individuals who are highly emotionally healthy practice helpful strategies, and they choose to stay optimistic despite the obstacles. They focus on the right thing and don’t give much weight on the wrong. They create realistic goals and keep these goals in mind as they live each day now knowing what’s in store for them. They are responsible for their actions and don’t blame others as well. Finally, they have equipped themselves with various skills to help them effectively cope with stress and other matters.

Qualities Of An Emotionally Unhealthy Individual

Individuals with poor emotional health are the exact opposite of emotionally healthy individuals. They constantly dwell on the negative things in life, and they do have a hard time dealing with life’s problems as they have not or may have refused to learn some life coping skills. So those who are emotionally unhealthy feel so isolated and unsupported. They are often anxious about what’s going to happen, as they know that they will become more stressed over it, and when this happens, they wallow in self-blame and self-hatred. They also often experience body aches, dizziness, and fatigue, and indigestion. Lastly, they typically magnify the smallest problem they encounter, which makes them all the unhealthier emotionally.

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Both types of individuals have a higher likelihood of going through the same life situations. Emotional health is not gauged on what happens to people but instead how they respond to these situations.

It’s a good thing that anyone can achieve emotional health because it is a skill that all of us can learn and nurture if we want to. It’s all about transforming the negative thoughts, behaviors, and emotions into positive building blocks that help shape you into the best version of yourself. Am I emotionally healthy? I would say that I am learning and I am willing to face anything head-on to achieve emotional wellness and happiness.