Immunity From Societal Pressure (Mental Health Topic)

Living in this world means we have to deal with the unfortunate things in it. These include the obstacles that often come from other individuals. These are the haters, doubters, negative influencers, and sometimes friends and family members. Though some of them do not want us to get hurt, others also become a hindrance to our growth and change. And per psychologist’s recommendation, we need to immunize ourselves against these people who cannot seem to contribute to our betterment. Yes, they are individuals that help us become who we are, but we have to remember that these people should fit their roles in our lives properly.


Societal Pressure

For us to be able to handle all the societal pressure, we need to think about one thing – mental stability. We must not allow any emotional and psychological problems to creep in and stop us from achieving our goals. Now, the first thing we need to realize is that people that often doubt, hate, and pressure us do not always have a surprising and persuasive argument to offer. Meaning, not all of the things they do and say are beneficial to us. Though at some point, we tend to learn to clear our values from their unsolicited opinions. However, it is not enough that we use them as validation or as an excuse for us to doubt, hate, and pressure ourselves too. With that, it is so essential to obtain a crystal-clear point of view on what entirely matters to us.

People’s Influences

There is no human being that gets exempted to societal pressure. All of us need to adjust and react to things based on the people around us. Nobody receives an excuse from the different sources of influences. But what matters is how we use those people for the benefit of our overall betterment. We must build a core group that consists of positive energy and does not break easily. We need that vital type of influence in our lives to help us carry out our daily duties. Since there are so many bad influences that appear in front of us for countless times, we need to secure the positive ones and beat the other. But we can’t just build an influential group without thinking through it. The individuals in our lives that we want to be part of it should know their roles so they can earn their spot. Not just because we feel they need to be there, does not mean they are deserving of it. These individuals should learn to respect, value, care, and love us as a person.


Individual Interactions

Coping with societal pressure requires interaction where there is this real-life human-being connection. There should be an eagerness to have people in the circle that are willing to become part of our growth, learning, and development. These people should be there witnessing the worse and beautiful things that happen and will happen to us. From the celebration of our achievements to moving on with heartbreak, these people must share physical, emotional, and mental presence. They should become more open into accepting us for who we are and helping us in becoming better.


There is a time in our lives when we reevaluate things. It is where we ask questions to ourselves like what exactly we want to say to ourselves. There is going to be that time that we attempt to convince ourselves that it is okay that we followed what everybody said, took it easy, and played it safe. We can create an excuse that what happened in our lives from the moment we got stuck is something inevitable. That no matter how much we strive, we cannot do something about it. There is this acceptance that we are not capable of doing and learning everything. But it doesn’t always have to be like that. The majority of our life engagements should come from our willingness to try and connect with the world and anything in it.



Societal pressure may seem to look like a small issue, but it can create massive damage to one’s overall development. People who can’t recognize the good and bad in it will end up losing control over their decisions and abilities. That is the reason why we need to understand how society both contribute and destroy our mental development. Because once we become fully aware of how we can manage people in our lives, we gain confidence in choosing the right actions and judgment.