2016 Atlanta Creativity Workshop: The Importance Of Developing Creativity

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Source: pixabay.com


The 2016 Atlanta Creativity Workshop aims to allow people to unlock their creative potential. It believes that creativity is essential to economic growth. With the innovation nowadays, people should be used to the fast-paced environment and the rapid changes that happen. They can do this by improving their creative skill.

The Importance Of Developing Creativity:


  • Developing creativity means having the ability to create something extraordinary out of the ordinary resources found in the community. It makes things useful. For instance, the scrap things from the neighborhood can be turned into a piece of art. By doing so, you are developing creativity as well as helping the community.


  • Developing creativity helps in establishing an identity. It makes you famous for the skill you mastered. For instance, you developed the creativity for designing places. People will recognize you for it and maybe even require your services in the future.


  • Developing creativity helps in enhancing self-esteem. Being able to do something extraordinary boosts the self-confidence as it signifies your distinction among everyone else.


  • Developing creativity improves your relationship with the people around you. When a person is creative, he adds a brightness to the mood of everyone around him. The feeling of positivity is contagious as it gives the sense of anticipation for something great.


  • Developing creativity helps in spreading mental health. When you are preoccupied with making great things, it contributes to your mental wellness as well because it decreases the chance of having depression.


Source: pixabay.com


Developing creativity is essential in the technological world we are in today. The 2016 Atlanta Creativity Workshop aims to help people enhance their interest and skill in creativity. By doing so, it helps in promoting the sense of purpose of each. It makes us remember that people are not all computations and technology and that there are great things that happen inside our mind.