Navigating On Community Resources


We were once in an era where we need to buy tons of newspapers so that we can get information about the services that our community provides. It’s a tough process because we get loaded with all of the search categories and advertisements we can find. The frustration becomes bigger, and things begin to complicate when there’s no available access. As a result, we end up not wanting to know what we need to anymore. But on this day, all we have to do is dial a phone, and the operator provides us with whatever information on various hotlines we are looking for. Thanks to the community involvement, we can now enjoy the benefits of our community resources.

According to Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D, “Every community has service organizations that need help they can’t afford to hire. Local non-profit agencies often count on volunteers to survive.”

There are tons of community resources that provide health services and assistance. Most of them are agencies sponsored by our community. The people who work and contribute to our local needs are usually from the same area. That’s why it is an advantage because they have direct access to what’s happening in our local neighborhood. According to positive psychologist Caren Osten, “Research shows that relationships are the number one predictor of well-being.” They are fully aware of what kinds of help are available. But how can we utilize these resources? Here’s what we need to understand.

Make Our Needs Known – There is a wide access to resources we can use within our community. But before we can utilize these, we need to make our needs known. Whenever our friends and neighbors ask us what they can do to help, let’s be truthful in telling them what we need because it will be hard for them to assist us if we are not open about our assistance and medical concerns.

List Our Priority Needs – Since the community is concerned, we need to make a list of our high daily priority needs. It can be a drug prescription pickup, bank deposits that we need to make, creating a dentist’s appointment, grocery shopping, elderly care assistance, and so on. There’s a need to organize things. So if ever friends offer their help, we can already show them a list of things that we can’t possibly accomplish alone. It gives them a personal knowledge to better direct us to the proper care we need if ever. It also allows them to know what other types of help are available.


Access Volunteer Organizations – There are some religious and community institutions that volunteer for help. Most of them offer medical aid to assist us in tough health situations. Sometimes, they provide free services in checkups and treatments, as well as medications too. Our local schools also partake in community services where students are requested to spend service hours. They can help in assisting the elderly, providing childcare, and even taking care of persons with disabilities as well. “I also want to add that it is great if you can volunteer with some organization that is related to your ultimate career goal, but any kind of volunteering has its benefits,” says Jonathan Golding, Ph.D. and Anne Lippert, PhD.

Check Out Regional Websites – Often, there is an extensive collection of services that our community offers. It is listed on our regional website for public access. There, we can find community help including transportation volunteers, free meals for seniors, free childcare services, and a lot more. The regional websites give out full information for people like us who need their services.


There are tons of great resources within our community. It’s necessarily important that we come to know the benefits of it and completely access its services. Because once we get the idea of how to process our requests along with our needs, it gives us the advantage to utilize it as a team on a daily basis. Our community can tell us who’s interested and reliable when it comes to public service. And since all of us are involved in it, we can use our community services and contribute something to it in return too.